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MB Wear - Original Socks (Light Blue)

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Product Description

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This passage of text on these socks took far longer than expected to write. This was because not two words could be strung together before another bike-mad employee here at Pushys came over to inspect the box of them, each exclaiming loudly before picking the ones they wanted!

It's then with great pleasure to introduce to you another range of MB wear socks. Here at Pushys we stock a range of Eracle, and Fun socks, but the Original range is hot off the factory line. The Original socks come in a wide range of block colours for that one-piece look so many riders are after, and these colours are vibrant and have a wonderful depth to them. Onto the topic of build quality and manufacturing, we can further explore these terrific socks.

The Original's are made from a developed blend of Meryl Skinlife (70%), Polyamide (18%), Polypropylene (10%, and Elastane (2%). What this gets you is a fit-for-all-weather, anti-bacterial (thanks to highly scientific silver ions!), compression sock that also has incredible moisture-wicking properties. The comfort aspect is thanks to the ultra-flat seams and a thin propylene layer which is inserted where foot pressure is at its highest, and this layer, thanks to its elasticity and softness will guarantee total absorption of vibrations. The moisture wicking qualities are thanks to the socks hexagonal shape, which adheres tightly to your foot and creates outwards pathways for perspiration, thus keeping your foot totally dry!

The bottom half of your kit is always most important, and so if you're socks aren't doing it for you, why endure another km of uncomfortableness? We really think these MB Wear socks will drastically change the way you feel when you ride, and if you don't believe us, try them for yourself.


• 70% Meryl Skinlife
• 18% Polyamide
• 10% Polypropylene
• 2% Elastane
• Handmade in Italy
• S - M (35-40)
• L - XL (41-45)
• S/M: 12cm
• L/XL: 15cm