My take on getting old goes something like this:

Yes sure as we get older our testostrone goes down, muscles decrease, blah blah blah but there is an upside which is more experience!!… And that’s experience in knowing your body…Knowing training you can get away with to obtain good consistency….Knowing what nutrition to take….Knowing how to play the race…Knowing how to avoid injury…and knowing how to get around pain! To be honest the list goes on and on! 

In my opinion over the years I don’t feel slower, if the truth be known the training just feels harder! It becomes harder to get up, harder to back up training, harder to push harder, harder to stop eating, (don’t laugh!!) harder to do that same old swim set…but…….If you have the will to do it then you can do it!…How?? 

You simply need that drive of motivation, the same as anything in life when you were younger!…Things that have worked for me are: making  the goals smaller, putting them on the fridge and then ticking them off, get yourself some heroes to look up to! Whether it be a winner in your age group to encourage you or someone you just ache to beat or a time you want to beat!

This may sound corny but people use age to say oh I’m old!! Well you’re only old if you act old!! So go get em old timers!!