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226ers - SALTS Electrolytes

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Product Description

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Product Description

The level of salts in the body for optimal performance is critical:

The salts help rehydrate the body.

Regulate muscle contractions.

Sodium is the mineral that our body uses in greatest numbers during the year:

Sodium and potassium regulate muscle contractions.

The absence of one of these minerals may cause muscle cramps.

Improved water absorption.

Also, the calcium:

Reduces the acidity of the organism.

Neutralizes lactic acid.

Delays the onset of fatigue.

Thus with SALTS:

We ensure a good level of sales

For prolonged exercise sessions:

We eliminate muscle cramps.

In sessions of high-intensity exercise:

- We delayed fatigue.

Besides this product:

It brings kcal.


Helps reduce body weight.

Ensuring a high yield with a good level of sales.

Combine it if you need:

> Energy en gel. 1 or even 2 ENERGY GELS hourly accompanied by about 250ml of water.

> Energy liquidated. ENERGY DRINK 500-800 ml every hour.

> Solid food. 1 ENDURANCE FUEL BAR in small bites accompanied water.

It contains no sugars. Does not contain gluten. The format is 100 capsules per bottle.


Before exercise 1 capsule for a good level of salts.


1 capsule every hour from rst hour, or two cap / hour in cases of extreme heat to avoid cramps, improve hydration and delay fatigue

The SUB9-SALTS are an evolution of the SALTS-ELECRTOLYTE considering a continuous intake over longer periods. As for the minerals, it has increased the amount of sodium to 215 mg magnesium and up to 10.05 mg, reduced to 54.01 mg potassium looking for a lower proportion of capsules above salts. They contain ginger extract to improve digestion, the main problem in such disciplines.


Monodosis format, individual capsules. Ideal for keeping salt deposits at optimum levels at times when it is especially hot, during endurance sport or when perspiring more than usual. It can also be used to reduce body weight, as it ensures the supply of salts needed to not suffer dehydration, without providing any calories to the body. Sodium chloride, potassium chloride, silicon dioxide, calcium citrate, magnesium stearate, potassium citrate, calcium gluconate, magnesium citrate, magnesium gluconate, cholecalciferol.