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GU Roctane - Ultra Endurance Electrolyte (50 Capsules)

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Product Description

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GU ROCTANE ELECTROLYTE CAPSULES 125 COUNT :: Enjoy lickety-split recovery times, and prep your body to kick bootie on your next workout with the GU® Roctane Electrolyte Capsules. Get the essential electrolytes your body needs to replenish right after tough training sessions, while also having the added stomach soothing benefit of ginger root and vitamin B6.

Features & Benefits:

Contain more of the essential electrolytes your body must replenish during endurance activities

Sodium: Primary electrolyte lost in sweat

Includes ginger root and vitamin B6 to help sooth your stomach

Magnesium: A low abundance electrolyte many athletes need during longer, sustained efforts

Vitamin D: This "sunlight" vitamin may aid in athletic performance when deficiencies are present