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Rudy Project - Boost 01

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Crafted in Italy's famous Pininfarina wind tunnel with the aid of aerodynamics guru John Cobb, the Boost 01 is Rudy Project's first-ever road aero helmet. Incorporating many advances in fluid dynamics which has made Rudy Project a staple in the Aero / TT helmet world, the Boost 01 is a technological marvel. Featuring 10 vents to assure superior ventilation and a forward placed aerodynamic pressure zone to reduce neck torque, riders can go further, harder and in more intense heat while maintaining superior drag reduction. Lightweight and compact, unmistakably Rudy Project. 

- Lightweight -  240g
- Superior ventilation - 10 vents
- Universal Dorsal Ridge - coverts sideways force into forward force
- Dynamic Pressure Point - pulls air around the rider's neck and off the shoulders for improved aerodynamics
- Zero Torque - 12% aero drag reduction and 65% reduction in neck torque
- ICEdot Compatible - innovative emergency service
- Free Pad interchangeable comfort padding
- R.S.R. 9 Disc Retention System
- Fastex System Closure Buckle
- Rudy Self Centering Buckle
- Eyewear Dock
- Removable Optical Shield NOT included but can be purchased as an accessory