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Rudy Project - Tralyx (Carbonium/Photochromic)

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Product Description

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Tralyx Sunglasses / Carbonium / Impactx 2 Photochromic Laser Black lenses

Literally sculpted by the wind, the Tralyx™ redefines the pinnacle of eyewear bike technology. With its entirely new geometry package, unique and powerful dynamic design language, the Tralyx™ is extreme in its look and its performance. Outstanding lightweight styling and phenomenal comfort are combined with unobstructed wide peripheral field of vision and unparalleled heat dissipation solutions thanks to the innovative PowerFlow™ system: vents have been scientifically incorporated through the entire chassis to enhance air circulation while ensuring maximum aerodynamic efficiency and without disturbing vision. With the Tralyx™, Rudy Project is taking a convincing step forward into the future while building over 30 years of technical innovation in the eyewear industry.


Product Description:
Tralyx Carbonium with Impactx 2 Photochromic Laser Black Lenses
Product Colors:
Lens Colors:
Photochromic Laser Black Lenses
Lens Type:
Non Polarized, 
Lens Light Transmission:
13-62 Percent
Product Size:
Medium Face, Large Face
Rx Program:
Direct in Frame Plugs Only