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Revvies Energy Strips - Tropical Hit (5 Pack)

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Product Description

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Product Description

Revvies Tropical Hit provides a tropical punch tasting, fast, convenient, sugar-free way to do energy. Each pocket-sized wallet contains 5 strips with each strip contains 40mg caffeine (approx. the same as ½ a cup of coffee). Perfect for those times when you don’t have to stop. Whether an elite athlete needing a boost before or during exercise, a professional with meetings all day, a student with loads of exams and assignments, or anyone with a hectic day where stuff just needs to happen, Revvies can keep you moving. They allow you to reach into your pocket, place a strip on your tongue and 30-40 seconds later you’re good to go, putting the other serves back in your pocket for next time. Revvies let you get the boost you need, anywhere, anytime, without sugar.

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